The Filmmakers Behind ALISON


Alison is a documentary featuring inspirational South African Alison Botha and has entered pre-production.The documentary is built around an intimate interview with Alison, who had protected the film rights of her story until coming to an agreement with director Uga Carlini. The film tells the story of the brutal attack in 1994 in which Alison was raped, stabbed in the abdomen 37 times, disemboweled and her throat slashed 17 times and what has happened in Alison’s life since – a side to her audiences hasn’t come to know or see just yet. A story of magic, monsters and hope like none other and proof that we can be the heroes in our own stories.

Shooting is expected to commence in January. Produced by Amy Nelson while writer / director Uga Carlini will be steering the fairy tale inspired visual realization. Christia Visser stars as young Alison. Carlini’s Towerkop Creations which specializes in female driven heroine stories is the producing film company. An English and Afrikaans version is anticipated.

"I have always hoped that by sharing my own journey with others, it would give them hope and courage for their own. To have my story and ultimate triumph shared on screen, would mean that so many more people would see the power of choice that we each have; and might also choose to triumph over life's hardships.” Alison Botha.

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