Call For Proposals –Animation Slate


The National Film and Video Foundation invites all eligible animation studios to respond to the Call for Proposals for an animation slate as detailed below:


Animation film production is a highly specialized and labour intensive sector of the film industry. Despite proven revenue advantages in the creation of animated content, the level of funding and/or financing required to produce animation feature films is difficult to source solely within South Africa. The reliance by animation studios on service work as a means of remaining sustainable has limited their capacity for the development and creation of IP in the form of narrative content. As such, necessary developments within this segment of the market are curtailed and the industry is unable to remain sustainable and provide long term employment. South Africa has the potential to develop into a supplier of high quality animation content to the world. However the funding constraint has adversely dampened the potential for the local animation industry to grow to a globally competitive content production level.


Animation SLATE Objectives


Development of a globally competitive animation industry on the following key principles:


-       Cultivating sustainable and viable production companies.

-       Assisting production companies to identify and produce content that demonstrates audience awareness in the South African and international market.

-       Promoting job creation and retaining skilled animators within local market

-       Encouraging increased opportunities for emerging writers and directors to have their work developed by reputable production companies.

-       Develop commercially exploitable properties for local and international consumption.

-       Developing a culture of collaboration and co-operation between industry players to the extent of leveraging skills across companies.




In order for an animation studio to be considered, the producer / studio must meet the following requirements:

  1. Producer/s must be either a South African citizen or be a permanent resident of South Africa.
  2. Studio to be at least 51% owned and managed by applicant.
  3. Applicant must have an established and working studio (no new set up costs)
  4. Studio should have completed at 1 - 2 short films that have been released or exhibited locally or internationally or a television series that has received local or international broadcast or animated commercial content.
  5. Experience with 3D stereoscopic animation production will be a strong advantage
  6. Producer and Studio to have clean industry record.
  7. Studio to have clear training and development impletmentation strategy in place.
  8. Producer/Studio must have at least potential television concept and one feature film concept that is ready for development.
  9. BEE Compliant



At the end of the three year period, the producer / studio must be able to deliver the following:

-       For a Television Series:

-       A polished pitch bible

-       A polished literary and visual bible

-       A 2 minute teaser and a 7 – 15 minute pilot

-       For a Feature Film:

-       A final polish script

-       A Pitch bible

-       An 80 – 90 minute animatic (including scratch voices and music)


Selection Criteria

This slate call is expressly targeted at Tier 2 studios.

Tier 2, as per NFVF definitions encompasses filmmakers with limited experience in the industry, but who have developed and produced content either for television, short film or commercials.

Criteria that will be taken into consideration when assessing applications include:

  • Capacity of company to develop and produce at accepted global standards.
  • Quality of development and transformation implementation strategy.
  • Ability to work within tight deadlines
  • Ability to think out of the box and be innovative in how to produce animation projects
  • Ability to co-ordinate and collaborate across co-production lines
  • Ability to work with content greenlight panels



Eligible parties are required to submit the following with their applications:

Executive summary of animation studio including biographies and CVs of key management team and key creatives


Development and Transformation strategy

Concept outlines for one television series and one feature film with biography and CV of talents attached.

Closing Date: 04 March 2016


Applications must be submitted to: Thandeka Zwana on by the closing date.