Genevieve Aka


GENEVIEVE AKAL holds an Honours degree in ‘Theatre Performance and Film Studies’, she also completed a Masters degree in ‘Postmodern Identity’ and a Masters in ‘Script Editing’. Since 2012 she has been assisting and guiding writers in the process of crafting their feature films. She has edited in many genres and is known for helping the writer to get to the heart of their story. She works as a sub-contracted editor for independent producers, the NFVF (National Film and Video Foundation) and KZNFC (KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission).   

“As a writer and director in my own right, I have spent many years, alone at my desk, diligently greeting the page each day. And being confounded, rage-full, grateful, resigned, disillusioned and all manner of emotions toward it. I understand that writing is a stimulating but sometimes maddening experience. It is an odd blend of art and craft and like the guardian archetype, I know how to get you through the journey with personal authenticity and technical know-how. 

I approach script editing like an architect would a building. I take the time to understand how an individual writer thinks and by using Socratic principles, I guide the writer through the blueprint, foundations, and construction of their story.” 

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